Upskill or free and prep yourself for excellence

Because nobody ever said 'I wish I didn't know so much about my job', did they?

By: Worksmith

Almost all of us have a little extra time on our hands these days (especially for those working Front of House). Even if you don't, there's nothing like a pandemic to encourage you to get off social media up your real-life skillset.

In the face of a crisis, further education whether it's webinars, exams, courses or forums, the time to learn is now. When certain courses are free? Even better. We took a look online, and Typsy is proving to come through with the goods.

  • Tea Fundamentals + Mastery.
    Before people returned to alcohol as a way of dealing with the current global climate, the low and no-abv business was booming. Tea can be an exquisite and underrated beverage, fit to be paired with an 9-course degustation (just ask Vue de monde where they have a full-time Tea Sommelier). As the most consumed beverage in the world, it’s time to familiarise yourself. with the ins and outs of Tea.
    Find out more about the Tea Mastery course here.

  • Wine Knowledge Essentials: You may have mastered Old World vs New World, but are you proficient in the effects of climate change on wine production, or the impact of phylloxera on winemaking? Brush up or reaffirm your knowledge. Benchmark yourself against others, and strive to learn more.
    Brush up on your Wine Knowledge Essentials here.

  • Sake Basics: The Global sake market size was valued at USD $7.35 Billion in 2018, and by the end of 2019 was projected to reach USD $10.5 in the next six years. Where there’s growth, there’s opportunity. Get to know it, and then get to know Melissa at Sake Connect to reallllly get to know what sake is all about.
    Discover Sake basics here.

  • Guest Experience Fundamentals:

    Now that our guest experience has been reduced to little more than an email confirming a takeaway order, it’s easy to have forgotten the basics of human interaction in hospitality. A positive guest experience that results in a returning guest, however, has never been more important than right now. Brush up and you’ll be looking at things from an entirely different perspective.

    Nail your experience fundamentals and sign up here.

  • Delivering Passionate Service

    The importance of humility in service, providing service with integrity, using teamwork in your service model - when we return from this, it won’t take much to reignite your passion, but this lesson will show you how to channel it.
    Reignite your passion for service here.

* photo credit of Typsy.