Communicating in a Crisis

It's when we're at a loss for words, that our audience needs to hear from us the most.

By: Worksmith

You may be at a loss for words, but now is the time that your audience wants (and needs) to hear from you the most.

So how can we communicate our businesses and our brands in a time of crisis? In this time of crisis? Unfortunately, as circumstances change every day, there's no direct path. What we have tried to do though; is to clear the debris out of the way for you.

The Worksmith Team has put together a comprehensive guide to help you put your thoughts into words, and words into actions. There's tips, ideas, and step-by-step guides, as well as multiple examples from those in and out of the food and beverage industry, taking an honest educative look at the brands who are raising the bar, and those who are falling below it.

We're all still learning to navigate this crisis, but we have to continue to communicate effectively and remember that empathy is absolutely key.

It's available to download, make notes on, print and share with whoever you think might benefit from it. This guide is for anyone. You can view it here.