MCF Chat: Cantina OK!

We have a quick chat to Jeremy from Cantina OK!

By: Turnip Media

One of the talks during Wednesday’s MCF Symposium was ‘You’ve been tasting spirits wrong’ presented by Jeremy Blackmore and Alex Dowd, two of the three owners of Sydney’s CantinaOK! It was a high energy, eye-opener of a talk.

We had a quick chat to Jeremy after their presentation.

1. You’re talk was wonderful, thanks! How do you maintain your own energy levels at work and in life?

Thanks so much! Our energy is fed by being a team. Enthusiasm is definitely infectious, if you give out genuine energy you get it back. You can create a self sustaining perpetual motion machine of info and engagement.

2. How important are Festivals like the MCF for the bartending/hospo communities?

These kind of days and weeks are hugely important! They get such a varied cast of professionals, interested interlopers and passionate hangers on. Each with something important to say. They are crucial for the ecosystem as they keep ideas fresh and give people a chance to express themselves.

3. If you were going to order a cocktail this afternoon, what would it be (what are you in the mood for today?).

It would always be a margarita for us. Limey, juicy, zesty and fresh.