MCF Chat: Janes Lopes, Attica Wine Director

By: Turnip Media + Worksmith

At the MCF Symposium, Attica Wine Director, Jane Lopes, shared her experiences in her talk, titled The Excellence Fallacy. We had a chat to her after the session.

What brought you to Australia?

Attica brought me here three years ago and I’m so glad we made the move.

Do you think Festivals like the MCF are important to the industry?

Yes, they’re super important because there’s no graduate school for a bartender or sommelier so we really need to come together as a community and bolster each other, create content and increase our professionalism.

If you were going to have a cocktail this afternoon, what would it be?

This afternoon I would have a classic Daiquiri but later tonight, it would be a Sazerac.