MCF Chat: Monica Brown, Lotus International

By: Turnip Media + Worksmith

Monica Brown, Director of PR & Communications firm, Lotus International, shared her broad experience with us on Symposium Day. In a talk was called "What happens when you publicly fuck up?” her insights were priceless.

  1. Is it difficult to steer a client through a public fuck up - have you had some clients who just didn’t want to do as you suggested and if so, how do you manage that?

You need to appreciate that your client’s/people’s emotions run extremely high in these situations. It’s important, therefore, to express yourself eloquently, be very detailed but with a calm gravitas that fits the situation they are in. These situations call for you to be a calming influence, however not a chilled-out one. You can only connect with someone in that high level of pressure by taking total control and being articulate enough to explain the ramifications of their actions and the potential outcomes if they choose to ignore your advice. At the end of the day, your client owns the business and it’s up to them. You can only provide them with a full spectrum of information so that they can make informed decisions. Impartiality is essential, but at the same time you have to juggle that with complete understanding and authentic concern for the situation.

2. If you could describe the Melbourne bar scene in three words, what would they be?

Expert / Fun / Moreish

3. What’s your favourite cocktail at the moment, the drink you’ll order at the end of today?

A super dry ice cold gin martini with a twist.