Meet the Worksmithers: Adam Holliday and Blair Rutherford, Garage Project

National and state relationship managers for Garage Project

By: Sophie

Working for a beer brand that is taking the world by storm, we were delighted to be able to snag a few minutes with the hardworking, nice guys of Garage Project. When they’re not at their Resident Desks at Worksmith Ella, Adam and Blair are helping to spread the love around one of New Zealand’s greatest exports.

WS: What are your roles at Garage Project and how long have you been involved with the business?

Adam Holliday: National Sales Manager, I joined GP in July 2017, so just over two years now!

Blair Rutherford: I have been with GP for 18 months, my role is looking after sales for Victoria.

WS: What project(s) are you currently working on?

AH: As well as looking after day to day sales, we’ve got a few things coming up! We’ve both just returned from Beervana, New Zealand’s biggest beer festival, and that was huge. I’m now off to WA for Perth Beer Fest, before returning to Melbourne to roll out our new book, The Art of Beer. It’s the first book we have ever released and features the stories behind 100 different GP label designs.

BR: There’s always so much going on within GP it can be hard to pin down just one thing. The next big thing in line for me would be Blobfish Sour Festival.

WS: What's been a significant milestone in the last year that you're proud of?

AH: The launch of our GP Crushed natural wines into the Australian market. We have been making wine alongside Alex Caighead from Kindeli Wines under the GP Crushed banner for four years now, but last year was the first time it was made available in Australia. The response has been fantastic and we are very excited to see what 2019/20 holds!

BR: I would have to agree that our wine, GP Crushed getting some serious traction has been really great to see!

WS: What do you love most, and what is the biggest challenge about working in your industry?

AH: Keeping up with everything! The Melbourne and Australian hospitality scene is such an exciting and dynamic one, that there is always something going on, whether it be awesome new venues or producers of high quality products. I always love being able to check out a new before it opens, it’s like a little sneak behind the curtain of someone else’s magic show that I feel very privileged to be a part of.

BR: We are lucky in our industry with how supportive people are - it really is one big community. I think the biggest challenge is remembering to take a breath sometimes and slow down and soak it all in. It’s easy in Melbourne to feel like you need to see all the new spots and try everything.

WS: Describe Garage Project in five words:

AH: Nicest people I’ve worked with.

BR: One big passionate, inclusive family.

WS: What are your hidden talents?

AH: I can pretty much quote the 1988 Jean Claude Van Damm classic, Bloodsport, verbatim. I also won a pizza speed eating competition at Heartbreaker as part of Good Beer Week in 2018. My wife has never been so proud and simultaneously disgusted.

BR: Some might say devouring a belles hot chicken sandwich is my hidden talent. I would maybe point you towards the direction of knowing all the lyrics to “ Gettin Jiggy with it” by Will Smith. Or being able to quote Top Gun. It’s hard to know really.

WS: And finally, what’s your favourite thing about being a part of the Worksmith community / working at Worksmith?

AH: Before Worksmith, I was working from home and going a bit stir crazy. Having amazing facilities in the city, and working with likeminded individuals is really great. There’s also always o much going on and everyone we’ve met has been so friendly and inclusive.

BR: It’s really amazing to be around so many driven individuals in the industry. The space itself is so warm and welcoming, there are also very few distractions, so when we’re at our desks we can settle in and get done what we need to!