Meet the Worksmithers: Monica and Nathaniel, Owners, Wing Station

The Worksmith Wind Beneath their Wings

By: Worksmith

Worksmith: When did (and what inspired) you to decide to take the leap and launch Wing Station? Was there a pivotal moment for you where you thought 'It's time we gave this a crack'?

Nathaniel: Myself and Monica have both worked in corporate all of our lives, as project managers in Telecommunications. We started talking about starting our own business early in 2018, but after a particularly difficult month at work early this year, we decided it was now or never. We are running in parallel at the moment, but it would be great if we could eventually leave corporate behind us. Cooking was always a passion of mine. My mother owned and operated many different cafes in Ballarat, and I guess it rubbed off. While living in Mexico, we both fell in love with Buffalo wings. We also discovered that the fried wing market is huge, obviously heavily influenced by the US. There are at least five major chains and many more independents, and you don't have to go far to get your fill. Australia is very underdeveloped when it comes to wings, and we saw a big opportunity to introduce our unique multi-country concept in Melbourne.

Worksmith: What do you love most, and what is the biggest challenge about running a business in the food industry?

Nathaniel and Monica: The best part of the experience has been being the complete creative control over everything we do, as opposed to doing what is asked of us in a corporate job. The biggest challenge we have found in starting a dark kitchen is getting people to try food from a new and unknown presence. Amazing photography and strong reviews are key.

Worksmith: How do you find working alongside food delivery apps?

Monica: We are currently working with Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Menulog. These companies allowed us to start something like Wing Station, without having to worry about volumes, and needing enough orders to maintain our own delivery teams. They also instantly put us in front of hundreds of thousands of potential customers. These companies give us the opportunity to start small and grow, which would have been much more difficult otherwise.

Worksmith: What's been a significant milestone in the last year that you're especially proud of?

Nathaniel: Launching! Seeing something we have created ourselves from zero, appear online as an orderable product was our proudest moment (so far). We still recall our excitement the first time the Menulog machine beeped to announce its very first order!

Worksmith: Your favourite thing about being a part of the Worksmith community?

Monica: The best part of Worksmith is being around so many like-minded inidviduals, an dknowing that we have support from all angles, no matter what we need.

Worksmith: The ultimate goal for Wing Station is?

Nathaniel and Monica: To dominate the globe... but seriously, the goal is to maintain it as a dark kitchen until it has a strong and loyal customer base, and turn it into a hugely successful restaurant/bar.

Describe Wing Station in five words.

Nathaniel and Monica: Diverse, innovative, quality, delicious, beginning...