MCF Chat: Martin Hudak, Mr Black Coffee Liqueur

By: Turnip Media + Worksmith

Martin Hudak, Global Brand Ambassador of Mr Black Coffee Liqueur - a Sponsor of the MCF - jolted us up and into his orbit of travelling the world, sharing the possibilities of this fine black liqueur. We caught up with Martin at the end of the day.

  1. After being part of the Symposium today, what excites you most about the drinks and hospitality industry?

    Every bar community around the world is different and unique and should work together towards one goal which is happy guests and happy customers.

2. You shared your Espresso Martini recipe with us today, thanks! Do you drink them anymore?

No, not any more, I want to see what’s new and am always trying new combinations of flavours.

3. What Cocktail are you in the mood for at the moment?

It’s a busy time of year so I’d go a low ABV drink. Perhaps, a red sweet vermouth with some tonic water and a slice of orange. I know it’s not a cocktail but it is fresh aperitif.

Later tonight, I’d choose a classic cocktail, the Martinez, the godfather of martini and one of my favourites drinks.