Spirits Turned Sanitisers

Australian Spirits Companies Pivoting to the Market

By: Worksmith

There's unlikely to be a hospitality, food or beverage business out there that hasn't just had to pivot but make a drastic change to their business model and strategy.

Restaurants have been left with little more to do than adjust toa life of takeaway and delivery, or shutter their doors. Similarly, boutique spirit houses are having to change and repurpose their game plan to keep their staff employed, their machines running, and to stay relevant to their audiences. Battling outrageous excise duties already ($86.90 per litre of pure alcohol), things have gotten incredibly difficult for a lot of these smaller distilleries. Retail lives on (for now), but wholesale supplies to venues and hotels are temporarily shelved. So where else can a distillery put their skills, knowledge and abilities towards? Hand Sanitisers.

We rounded up a list of some pretty spectacular local distillers who are doing their bit to survive, and helping the world get through this crisis in the process of it.

Mr Black
Initially kept busy by supplying our local pharmacies and healthcare providers with the raw ingredients they needed to help those that need it most, Mr Black just release their own WHO recipe of navy-strength hand sanitiser available to all. Sold in 500ml bottles, the first run has already sold even with a limited of 3-bottles per purchase. You can sign up to stay in the know to the next run here.

Archie Rose
The Hand Sanitiser that sparked a boutique hand sanitiser movement. People love this brand, and they love it so much that their initial pre-sale was an instant sell-out and the sheer number of those signed up to hear about future releases, notifications are subject to the date of audience subscription. You can try your luck by signing up for updates here.

Cape Byron Distillery
Brookies Hand and Surface Sanitiser, developed by Pamela Brook B.D Sc MBA (Co-founder of Brookfarm & Cape Byron Distillery), came about after an unprecedented request from a wide cross-section of people in medical professions. The sanitiser uses all-natural ingredients including UV and charcoal filtered spring water, Aloe vera and citrus oil. A max. of 2 units for individual orders and it's already on back-order, but the good folk at Brookies are serving bulk orders for medical professionals too. Read up on it and get on the waitlist here.

Manly Spirits Co.
Manly Spirits smashed it out of the park, and are no longer able to accept pre-orders for their gin-aroma hand sanitiser. To support their small business, however, is to be rewarded. Manly Spirits Co. is still offering a free 100ml bottle of hand sanitiser with every 700ml purchase of spirits. Limoncello + Hand Sani could be the ultimate gift. Find out more, here.

Another Distiller who never dreamed of adding a sanitiser to their retail range, but Husk has done it with rectified gin heads and tails, and a residual lemon myrtle scent. Sold out with the rest of them, their 5L are still available for those on the frontline if drop an email to abbie@huskdistillers.com. You can sign up for restock notification here.

The Gospel
Another sold-out sanitiser, but you can't be mad. All profits from sales of The Gospel Whisky Wash are donated to charitable organisations supporting hospitality staff members who are now out of work. Just $6 per 200ml bottle, they've included a breakdown of their costs, and you can see that over 50% goes to charitable donations. Support The Gospel and find out more here.

Southern Wild
Southern Wild has shifted its entire business model and towards not-for-profit hand sanitisers. If you’d like to go on their waitlist, drop them an e-mail at enquiries@southernwilddistillery.com.

Prohibition Liquor Co.
Giving back to their customers, PLC has run a small-batch of their own hand sanitisers to distribute as a gift-with-purchase for those who have sought out a little extra gin-fuelled comfort during this time. Beautifully packaged in a glass bottle with spray top, there are (so far) less than 200 of these 100ml bottles floating around. Find out more about their thought and production processes here.

Starward Whisky
It's not available to the public, but we wanted to recognise Starwardk Whisky, a brand that has donated bulk spirits to a sanitiser producer, generously contributing to keeping people and places clean and flattening the curve. Bravo Starward.