T. I. N. A.

A modern beverage company making delicious, unconventional drinks, with no alcohol.

By: Worksmith

It's with great pleasure and anticipated excitement that Worksmith members, Chrissie Trabucco and her cousin Imogen Hayes, close in on releasing their much anticipated T. I. N. A. - a non-alcoholic, sparkling tea with plenty of finesse and complexity, that's sure to carve out a place in bars, restaurants and homes around the country. We spoke with Chrissie during a session of bench testing at the Worksmith Drinks Lab.

WS: How did Tina come about?

Chrissie: Tina came about with the experimentation of chilled tea. I have been exploring extraction of different teas that Assembly brings in and have a particular appreciation for the complexity and depth of flavour of quality Taiwanese oolongs. This really organically developed into a journey to create a finished drink that is inspired by these teas. Imogen (my cousin) has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the wine industry, so when we travelled to Taiwan together on a tea buying trip a few years back, we started discussing how we each have unique sets of skills and would love to create a drink that could be enjoyed as an alternative to sparkling wine.

It’s been really exciting to work on this new project, the non alc space is fast growing and its great to be part of the imagining of it. I know so many of my friends (me included) are sort of not wanting to drink as much or as frequently, or are pregnant or not drinking for whatever reason. We wanted to bring a drink to the table that means you can still be included, have something incredibly delicious in your hand without feeling like your night is over. We struggled to find many drinks that ticked the boxes of what we were looking for.

What’s the story? Where do you see Tina being served? What do we need to know?

T.I.N.A means This Is Not Alcohol. Well, we’re really just very excited to release our first drink! You can expect to see it basically anywhere that you might otherwise drink booze. So, independent bottle shops, restaurants at a cocktail bar.

T.I.N.A is all about exploration and enjoyment. We want people to be able to access high quality, interesting drinks and not feel like they are missing out.

T.I.N.A is made for celebrations and parties – that could be anything from a wedding or drinks in your neighbour’s backyard. There’s a focus on quality, as we don’t want to drink anything ourselves that is full of sugar or synthetic. We did a “would you drink more than 1 glass of this” test as part of our R&D and this informed what we ended up with.

What’s the first product? How does it taste? Where are the teas from?

The first product is High mountain oolong, pear, tangy calamansi and botanicals. It tastes a bit like a pet nat, or Prosecco. Its lightly sparkling, subtly savoury (there’s roasted coriander), some lively acidity and soft florals. Tea is from central Taiwan, in Nantou - extremely beautiful place - high mountains and blue lakes, lush greenery, welcoming, generous people.

It comes in a can because we’ve already broken all the category rules and cans just make a lot more sense from a functional and environmental POV.

Finally, when can people get their hands on some?

This is the million dollar question… We don’t want to break any hearts with broken promises… but I can say, it will be within coming months. By the time the weather begins to warm, you’ll have plenty of T.I.N.A to splash into a wine glass.

In the meantime, keep an eye on @tina.drinks and tinadrinks.com


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