Sorry, but you need to delete your delivery app

Time to cut ties with those who profit from others misfortune

It used to be reserved for a new house with no furniture, late nights working in the office, or a hangover so severe you can't get out of bed. A bid for comfort during times of the sometimes harsh, bare reality of our lives. Now, food delivered to your door is so regular, people literally spend thousands of dollars a year on avoiding having to cook.

It's not an uncommon ritual right now. You are on your couch in your pajamas, something you haven't changed out of all day. Who can blame you? Now is the time for comfort, no matter what the productivity gurus say. You've cooked a few meals for yourself this week, maybe even made a pot of beans or baked a loaf of sourdough, but doing all those dishes can get tiring. So can feeding yourself multiple meals a day, every day. So you grab your smartphone and open an app like Grubhub (Seamless), Postmates, UberEats, or Doordash (Caviar), browsing the options of restaurants that have made the decision to pivot to delivery.

But instead of picking pizza or tacos, you need to do something else. Delete the apps entirely.

"But what about supporting my favorite local restaurant?" you say.

Well, you can still do that, by calling the restaurant directly to place your order. Or by buying merch and gift cards. Or by donating to a restaurant staff's Venmo or GoFundMe, or a fund to feed frontline workers. Or by calling your representative. (If the restaurant is only selling via delivery apps, Caviar seems to be the fairest option.)

By: Worksmith