Ask Us #10: Diversifying Revenue

Date: 16.7.20

As lockdown restrictions come and go (and come again), we’ve come to realise that the ‘pivot’ is here to stay, that diversified streams of revenue have become essential to most, if not all hospitality businesses in the wake of COVID-19. Whether it’s introducing an online ordering system, creating a new product or an entirely new business, there’s an endless list of people and ideas in this industry for us to take inspiration from and continue to be motivated to succeed. Join us now for our tenth episode of our ‘Ask Us’ web series, we will be hearing from Shane Delia, Chef/Owner of Maha Restaurant, Biggie Smalls, and co-founder of Providoor - a new online marketplace designed to deliver food from Melbourne’s best restaurants to consumer’s doors; and Nick Baxter, Brand Advocacy Manager at Archie Rose Distilling Co., a local distillery and bar from Sydney that has produced hundreds of thousands of bottles of hand sanitiser in the last 4 months alone.